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The U.S. will Grant Asylum to Mistreated Immigrant Women

Univision National News Report by Article and Video (in Spanish) ICWC attorney Jessica Farb explains how the U.S. government will consider asylum claims for women who are victims of domestic violence according to new case law.

Gov. Jerry Brown, top lawmakers back legal aid to Central American children

San Jose Mercury News Newspaper by Article (in English) Undocumented minors from Central America that cross the border alone cannot afford legal help. They assert that they will be abused or murdered if returned to their home country. This increase of legal services needs has left a shortage of available lawyers. Legislation that could speed […]

How to choose an attorney that will take your case

Univision 14 News Report by Video (in Spanish) The scarcity of non-profit immigration lawyers is pushing many families to hire private-practice lawyers, who sometimes take advantage of their clients. ICWC attorney Jessica Farb gives advice on how to find an attorney and confirm his or her ability to practice law.

Immigration hearings are accelerated for undocumented children

Univision National News Report by Video (in Spanish) The Immigration court explains how there is not enough time to process immigration cases. ICWC attorney Jessica Farb points out that undocumented children may go to their court hearing without knowing their rights. This is a challenge for children who cross the border alone.

Catholic Church opens doors to immigrants

KCRA 3 News Report by Video and Article (in English) Catholic Bishops from California step in to aid undocumented immigrants who have recently crossed the southern border. According to the ICWC, between January and May of 2014, approximately 11 percent of those immigrants were unaccompanied minors heading to California.

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